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At NuBo Wellness, we are committed to helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals through evidence-based care and personalized support. We strive to provide the highest quality care and promote lasting lifestyle changes for a healthier future.

NuBo Wellness is an innovative health and wellness company offering two distinct programs.


NuBo Nutrition is our nutrition counseling program which focuses on diet and lifestyle changes for weight loss, weight management, eating disorders, and disease management. Our registered dietitians work with clients to create individualized nutrition plans and provide ongoing support and follow-up.

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NuBo Weight Loss provides prescription weight loss medication combined with nutrition counseling to help individuals reach their health and weight loss goals. Our team of nurse practitioners and registered dietitians provide personalized care and guidance to ensure safe and effective weight loss.

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Take the first step towards transforming your health by scheduling a personalized consultation with our expert team.

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Gain valuable insights into your health and wellness by completing our comprehensive health assessment form.

Explore Program Options

Discover our range of tailored programs designed to meet your specific needs and goals, and find the perfect fit for your wellness journey.

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Chronic Conditions We Work With

NuBo Nutrition works with a wide range of patient demographics to treat a variety of nutrition related issues and diseases. NuBo Nutrition employs Registered Dietitians and Health Coaches to treat our clients on an individualized basis, based on the clients’ goals and needs.

Some of the diseases and conditions we work with at NuBo Nutrition can be seen listed below:


Take our health assessment to see if your weight loss & nutrition programs are right for you!

Why Should People Work with a Registered Dietician?

Discover how personalized guidance, expert knowledge, and ongoing support can empower you to achieve your health goals and maintain long-term well-being. Join us as we delve into the holistic approach, individualized care, and accountability that a health advisor can provide on your journey to optimal health.

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